About LockerMap

What is LockerMap?
LockerMap is an easy-to-browse map of all Amazon pickup locations. On Amazon's website, you can search for pickup locations near a particular location, but you cannot easily discover where lockers are located. LockerMap shows all of the pickup locations on a single map so that you can easily browse and find locations convenient for you.
LockerMap is particularly useful for people who are on the road like truck drivers, RVers, van-lifers, and road trippers. If you want to pick up a package somewhere along your route, LockerMap can help you discover a convenient pickup location along the way.
What is an Amazon pickup location?
Amazon pickup locations are places where you can get orders delivered. There are thousands of pickup locations in various places.
There are two types of pickup locations:
  • Amazon Lockers: These are self-service lockers placed inside or outside of businesses.
  • Amazon Counters: These are staffed in-store counters at shops and businesses.
You can learn more on Amazon's website: https://www.amazon.com/ulp
Who are you and why did you make LockerMap?
My name is Justin 👋
In the summer of 2022, I took my camper van on a lengthy cross-country trip. Along the way, I planned to use Amazon lockers to get deliveries, but I realized how difficult it was to find lockers on Amazon's website. I was searching city by city and often not finding any locations after a lot of searching. So, I built LockerMap to make it easier for myself and others.
I have an idea to improve LockerMap
Great! You can make a feature request here.
How can I contact you?
You can message me via the contact form.
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